Multi-generational wealth planning

Generational wealth planning goes beyond traditional estate planning. It helps families align their family wealth with their family values. It enables families to use their time, talent, and treasure to advance from financial success to personal significance Multi-generational wealth planning is about understanding what is important to you.
At M3 Wealth Advisors, our professionals partner with clients to help you create a vision for your wealth, with goals for both current and future generations. Transferring wealth from one generation to another is a complex process, and requires careful planning.  There a number of financial drivers that can impact your ability to transfer wealth, and our professionals provide experience and guidance in many key areas, including:
  • Estate Planning: We help our clients to manage the entire transfer process, from cash projections and taxes to reviewing all documents.
  • Tax Legislation: We keep clients informed of current and pending tax legislations, your tax obligations and how that will impact a family’s wealth transfer strategies.
  • Cash Flow Management: By maintaining an up to date income and expense summary, we can determine your current financial needs, and what you will be able to transfer to future generations.
  • Philanthropy: We help our clients to give something back to their communities, by setting clear goals for charitable donations.  Our advisors work with clients to determine appropriate amounts for future donations, and also manage the requirements and tax deductions that are specific to the charitable giving process.