Investment advisory services

Private wealth management is more than buying stocks; it’s about having a financial strategy.  At M3 Capital Advisors, our independent Investment Advisory Services is part of our holistic approach to your wealth management needs.
Our advisors don’t look at investment services in terms of individual transactions; we’re managing your portfolio in a way that makes sense for you.  We will be an independent advisor, not a broker who is tied to certain institutions.  As a result, we will be able to offer you sophisticated and un-biased investment advice, and guarantee that our clients have total control of all investment decisions, and access to every possible investment opportunity.
Most importantly, all investment decisions will be coordinated with your specific generational wealth planning entities and needs


[twocol]Most active core active managers have historically lagged the performance of market benchmarks. Traditional index funds, while effective in reducing costs and generating strong results, often suffer from compromised diversification as a result of their buy-and-hold philosophy and the absence of a disciplined rebalance process. Institutional investors have long recognized the benefits of passive investing. Broad diversification, low turnover, and reduced costs together yield consistent, tax efficient investment results outpacing most active management approaches over the long-term. With the rapid development of the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and index mutual fund markets individuals now have the tools to integrate the core benefits of passive investing in their portfolios.[/twocol]


Our investment approach capitalizes on the diversification, cost, and performance advantages of passive investing and the extensive array of index products available, but overlays a disciplined rebalance program to better control risk exposures and enhance diversification within asset classes.
M3 Wealth Advisors  has developed a unique approach to building asset allocation tools combining the diversification, low turnover, and low cost advantages of index investing with the benefits of a disciplined rebalance risk management program. The combined approach results in broader diversification relative to traditional capitalization weighted index products with reduced risk of concentrated exposure across market segments. The approach preserves the tax efficiency and attractive long-term performance of traditional index investing through limited turnover and implementation costs. Through its BetaCore investing program, array of thought leadership research and insightful educational materials, M3 Capital Advisors is positioned to help investment advisors leverage the potential of Beta investing on behalf of their clients.





















M3 Wealth Advisors is uniquely qualified to develop investment programs, explore new strategies, and introduce innovative products.
Develop Investment Policy Statements
Investment Policy Statements (IPS) translate financial planning into actionable investment programs. The IPS defines the asset allocation, investor risk sensitivity, and other important considerations to guide an investment program to meet the financial planning goals and objectives of your clients.
Design strategic asset allocation programs
Strategic asset allocation is the most important driver of long-term performance and risk for investment programs (see sidebar). By reflecting client risk sensitivities together with long-term objectives asset allocation is the anchor to establish sustainable investment programs better positioned to withstand short-term market volatility.
Conduct investment advisor due diligence
Selecting asset managers to advise segments of your clients’ portfolios is not solely about the search for excess performance. An understanding of the drivers of the investments process, the environments better suited for the strategy, a thorough attribution of the performance results and a thoughtful evaluation of the business will ensure an appropriate fit with the clients’ IPS and asset allocation.
Design, structure, launch, and distribution of ETFs and index-based products
The market for passively oriented financial services is enjoying heightened market attention and dramatic growth. Heightened competition requires firms to focus their efforts to deliver competitive, differentiated, and well-structured solutions to meet market needs. M3 Capital Advisors brings together comprehensive experience developing, structuring, managing, and distributing passive strategies across the globe.