Gatekeeper/Virtual Family Office

Families that are successful, and wealthy, are never short on people trying to sell them products or offer them financial advice.  At M3 Wealth Advisors we want to protect you from all of that, by serving as the gatekeeper’s of your family’s wealth.  We have a personal advisor who, working with a dedicated team, is dedicated to driving your investment strategy.


[twocol]Is your goal to have money for your retirement?  Is your hope to be able to transfer wealth to your children and grandchildren?  Are you planning to buy a second home?  Do you want to make donations to charitable organizations?  We have those discussions and ask the right questions…our professionals take the time to listen, and to really understand your needs.[/twocol]



We then use the M3 Command Center, to develop innovative and customized financial solutions, designed to help you achieve your wealth management goals.  This proprietary tool gives our clients insight and control of their finances, and allows us to take a holistic approach to managing your wealth.

To understand where you want to go with your wealth, you need to understand where you are today.  The M3 Command Center is an asset management tool, which provides a central location for all of your finances – income and expense summary, investment portfolio, retirement savings, etc.  Using the M3 Command Center we are able to help our clients track all of their money, down to the last penny and project the cash flow and future accumulation of their personal net worth and the value created in estate planning vehicles.  This allows us to look for opportunities, model what if assumptions determine future levels of risk and make informed decisions about your family wealth.